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Welcome to Leesburg Guns & Pro Tackle! We’re here to provide our fellow sportsmen with great inventory and customer service. With all of our different fishing gear and our wide selection of firearms, you’re bound to find something you love!

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Here at Leesburg Guns & Pro Tackle, we’ve got all different brands of firearms for our loyal customers. We have over 800 guns in stock at all times, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will be more than happy to order it for you!

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Liberty Safes

Leesburg Guns & Pro Tackle carries the highest quality of safes: Liberty Safes. Liberty safes are not only fireproof, they can hold anything from firearms to birth certificates. They control the environment inside the safe, protecting it’s contents from humidity and harmful UV rays. Almost always the value of the […]

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Fishing Supplies

We’ve got all the fishing gear and supplies you could ever need at Leesburg Gun & Pro Tackle! From bait and hooks to reels and tackle, we can provide you with quality inventory to get your next fishing trip started.

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